Leading people to the Word of Faith

and the healing power of Jesus 

From the pastors desk

This is a list of the some of our sermons we have covered.  If you would like a PDF copy just email me the title you would like.

  • Some truths about Easter we should all know.
  • The steps to our Spiritual Awakening.
  • Resurrection.
  • Rapture.
  • The Rapture of the bride.
  • Understanding Spiritual gifts.
  • Acts 2.
  • All God's doing.
  • Building a strong marriage.
  • His love has no limits.
  • The prayer of Faith
  • The spoken Word produces.
  • A study on Angels.
  • Laws of the kingdom.
  • Calling's are calling.
  • Lord or Saviour?
  • Hearing the voice of God.
  • Being led by the Spirit.
  • Righteousness 
  • The mansion of God
  • Where did all the nations come from?
  • The dynamics of a seed