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    We welcome your inquiry about having DGR (Tax Deductible Gift receipts) available for your Mission project/s.  If your project fits within our scope, we can work with you so you may offer a tax deduction to your donors.

Why we have set this offer up

    We know there are many ministries out there that would love to raise money for their mission projects, but the setup and legal requirements just to get a tax receipt for donors is just too costly and hard.  The only way to accomplish this is by uniting with an organisation with the same values and mission beliefs and partner together.

How this opportunity works

    The first thing you need to do is send us a copy of your projects structure and vision statement, this document should have within it your policies, procedures, and purpose for the project.  If you have not got one of these, our staff can help you put one together.

    The second thing you must have is at least three people who will make up your management committee, or some people call them the board for the project.

What is the cost?      

    Apart from the cost of getting your organisation to the required starting position the Government requires, the only other cost to your organisation is in reference to the donations that need a ‘Deductable Gift receipt.'  We charge a ten percent admin fee deducted from the donation before the donation is deposited into your account.

    This admin fee is used within our organisation to help fund our operational cost and to support other projects within the Organisation. 

    If you have any further question, please don’t hesitate to call or email, we are here to help where ever possible.